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Water, Way Too Sugar-y Cookies and Secrets of Eden - Book Review

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So, a great deal of my day, today, was spent finishing Chris Bohjalian's newest murder fiction, "Secrets of Eden". I cuddled with the blanket my boyfriend sewed for me, (yes, he sews; pretty neat, eh?) laid on my bed, and basked in the beautiful sunlight while avidly - and a bit obsessively, really - reading this murder.

List Price: $25.00
Pages: 384
Publish Date: February 2010
My Rating: 4/5

Summary: 'Secrets of Eden' is told by four different individuals, all somehow linked to the Haywards' supposed murder/suicide. The four point of views are all told following the tragic event, leading you astray to all sorts of possibilities.
Part One is told from the perspective of Reverend Stephen Drew, who starts his side of the story with the day he baptized Alice Hayward, the murder victim of the now-deceased George Hayward. He reveals his love affair with Alice, and his haunting guilt that he somehow knew beforehand of what George was going to do, and the guilt that he could have prevented it.
The story continues with a prosecutor on the Hayward case named Catherine in Part Two. She reveals her suspicions of the reverend, and her suspicions also of his new lady-love, Heather Laurent. We follow her in the investigation as they try - and fail - to gather evidence that connects the reverend to the Haywards' that horrific night.
In Part Three, Heather Laurent tells her side, revealing to us her tragic childhood that so closely relates to Katie Hayward's - the daughter of Alice and George Hayward. She explains to us why she so faithfully believes in Angels and Auras, and also lets us follow her short fling with Reverend Drew, and why she believes he murdered George Hayward.
Lastly, in Part Four, Katie Hayward comes forward and tells us what she believed happened to her mother that night. She reveals nasty fights prior to the murders, and tells us about her mother and father's brief, but significant separation.

My Review: It was a great novel. It had some holes, but to reveal them would spoil the ending. If I hadn't accidentally read the last paragraph, (I was trying to see how many pages I had left to go) than I wouldn't have been able to figure it out until Part Four.
I loved the story, itself; Alice was a beautiful character that I wish we could have gotten to know a little better before the murder. All in all, it was a great novel, but nothing for light reading. (Or for anyone under 16.)
I rate this novel 4 out of 5, simply because of some of the plot holes, but the story itself was grand.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome to That’s What She Said!

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Bonjour, fellow readers -

Rosalie, Abrielle Etoile and Jolie-Miette are all ecstatic to present you with "That's What She Said", a blog with various topics for girls of all ages to read about!This blog will consist of topics such as the latest fashion trends, different types of art such as photography and painting, healthy tips and animal organizations, awesome site finds and book, movie and music reviews.
We are excited to start sharing our finds and interests with all of you, and we hope you enjoy reading our blog!


Rosalie, Abrielle Etoile & Jolie-Miette


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