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Bonjour mes amis-
Rosalie here, you’re inside source to all things fashion! I’m a total girly girl with a major shopping problem, so rest assured my darlings, you’re in good hands. Not only will I give you insight into the latest trends off the runway, but I’ll show you how to get that look for less! I’m also available to answer your questions, got an ish? Drop me a line! I’m here to keep you fabulous. Reach me at elleaditce@yahoo.com, subject "Dear Rosalie". Well, that’s about it for me, be sure to check out our other amazing blogs @: http://elleaditce.blogspot.com/
XXOO Rosalie

Hello everyone
My name is Abrielle Etoile, you're inside source to nutrition and anything wildlife/planet related. I'm a down to earth young woman who cares much about Nutrition and planet earth and everything that lives on it. You can find me outdoors tending to my garden or you can find me working on finding more interesting facts about nutrition. I'm also here to answer any questions so if you need an answer, send me an email at elleaditce@yahoo.com, subject "Dear Abrielle Etoile".

Abrielle Etoile

Bonjour :)
I am Jolie-Miette, one of three founders of "That's What She Said". I am your source of all art - photography, galleries, painting, sculpting - and whatever else you want! I am artistic and full of passion for the arts and helping bring it back to life! Have a question? Send it to elleaditce@yahoo.com, subject "Dear Jolie Miette".



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