Saturday, April 10, 2010

1920s Bedroom How-To

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I have found a how-to in order to make your bedroom look 1920s. Its really interesting, and I'm sure you could find alternates for some things in this article that you don't have (for example, large windows or patience for wallpaper.)

The 1920s was an elaborate decade. Detail was a big part of their decorating process, and they very much cared about the look of their rooms (probably due to the many parties they held - who would want the Crawfords across the street scoffing at your style of curtain?)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at this. I found them intriguing, very much elaborate and BIG in fancy! (:

Where to get some of these styled-furnishings? Try ikea, or better yet, head to your local antique shop and ask the owner where you might acquire 1920s style bedroom furniture/decor. They may know better than almost anyone. If neither of those ideas work, head to your favorite websearch tool, the word that has become a verb itself: Google. I'm sure our dear old friend would gladly find you some nifty 1920s furniture, if not near where you live.

Enjoy, my fellow thrifters. Enjoy!




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