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History of Royal makeup: Cleopatra

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Cleopatra (like many Egyptians) was known best for her eyeliner, that jet black line that made way for what’s known today as the “Cat eye.” So, what was this eyeliner made of? The answer is lead! Ground up into powder and mixed with warm water. Because of this many Egyptians (men and women, the Egyptians were quite fond of the guy-liner,) died of lead poisoning. (Talk about a fatal attraction to cuteness…Gwen Stefani has no idea!)
Ironically, the spiritual reason for the eyeliner was so that their spirit (or “ka,“) would recognize their body. The Egyptians also used the eyeliner as a way to shade their eyes from the sun…Much more convenient than sunglasses, I suppose.

You can create your own twist with:
Liquid liner
Pencil liner
Beige lipstick
&& gold eyeshadow

Apply eyeshadow from the lid and follow the curvature of the eye all the way up to the brow bone. Put on your liner, begin with liquid and make a cat eye, dragging the line a little farther than normal. Take your pencil liner and line your waterlines--top and bottom. Apply a bit of beige lip to finish off this dangerously gorgeous look.

Helpful hint: having trouble with the cat eye? Take a piece of tape and stick it under your eye so it runs up diagonally where you want the liner to go. Use this as a sort of stencil. Remove once eyeliner is applied.

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